Chosen : Ode to unforgotten soil

I was the lucky one

The apple of his eye

He chose me to walk with him

The memories will never die

Two brothers older, two sisters younger

And I the middle one

Although he is with me no more

I’m still my father’s son

Woodstock, Athlone, Mitchell’s Plain…

We toured mostly by foot and sometimes by train

Wherever we went he was known by name

Wish I could re-live those days again

District six was always close to his heart

This was the place the walk would always start

As we walked he would stop and point and say

“That’s where ‘so and so’ used to stay”

But dad why is it only an empty field today?

“My son, it’s because ‘so and so’ was forced to move away”

So I guess that’s why we went around so many places

To see his friends and family– scattered, familiar faces.