We’re on a silver beach with navy blue waters
I can touch the milky way glittering between my fingers
past, present and future holding hands and kissing each other with golden lips
wind-chips and appel bompies
where two oceans meet
where all the oceans meet
not from a mothers’s womb
you just appear one day
a modern day miracle
to roam the plains and the mountain tops
A new creation
an abomination
people made of humans, trees and animals arriving on rocket ships like space Jesus
filled with a universe of star dust
pulled from all four corners
I gave birth to a child that pulled a boat from the ocean
soaking wet, realizing this is not where my body is
trees growing above me and a pink chested bird nesting in my hair
a coiled snake staring into my eyes
We dove off mountains
we saw our children’s skulls crushed on rocks
we flew, we dove
the wind
the wind
the wind
carried us down
we float
Indigo skies and the moon came down and kissed the sleeping mountain
dancing circles around me
Stir up teargas clouds
as the feet of hundreds of children hail down on the pavement
sounds like metal thunder
We hid in caves and the fires roared around us
as the foam of the ocean rage to rid the new world of vermin
dark heathens
star fire

Sometimes my soul flicker in and out of my body
between the here and there
over oceans and mountains
between crevice, crack and rock
flicker between understanding of lives lived
between memories shared and shattered
Echo calls incessantly
wake up, traveller
get off your knees
you are everything
the spirit of a Kriel, a Xhoi
The water snake stir the salt waters when you close your eyes
find where dawid dug up roots
I ran with the gemsbok
snakes curled around my ankles
crossing deserts
I held her heart as I washed in her blood
Light eyes like cowry shells
waiting for us to wake up
trace our roots
cross the blue globe over and over
we are the all
We stood up
we grew tails to swim
even when the hunger claw and strangle
we become trees and we bend our brances to fight lions

-Rhoda Davids Abel