This is the idea I once had in my mind,  opening up a business that will help push the youth in to doing the right thing for the community than sitting in the streets being the suspects of any crime that happen in the community.. So I decided to open up a car wash that will include each and every unemployed youth who are still in the streets, but for the start for now it’s just a collective of friends… The idea behind this Is to clean the street if PJS, no one will be out of street doing nothing..

As we are starting this business , so I was thinking of having a uniform as   Team, something like these reflectors so we can be clean.. But we not financially stable at the moment… So am asking you if you or you and your Team can help us out by donating what you can.. We are young talented guys who grew up in the streets experiencing a lot of  danger, which led us on deciding to take ourselves out of danger by doing what is good for us and for our community.. We wanna take out kids in the streets, we wanna clean the streets,  we want the next generation to learn from the good thing we will be doing.. 
The name P. U. S. H (Push Until Something  Happen) itself is powerful to us cz it’s what giving us energy to do more, to push harder for our community,, As we see in the world we living in there is a scarcity of jobs for the youth that lead others in doing bad things, so by opening up this business we trying to avoid that and stop others from doing that.. We believe in making a change in our community