Coloured kind

I am a coloured kind

the traditionless kind 

the don’t fit in kind

but still manage to fit in kind

because I am a different kind 

diverse kind

the can adapt to any culture kind 

and make it dope

because I am that kind 

I am a coloured kind

I am also known as the 

voiceless kind



basically we nonexistent

It hurts but it’s true

everywhere I look

I don’t see you 

I search but I can’t find you

why you hiding 

why don’t you wanne become something

Did I miss the part where we created

limitations for ourselves as coloured kinders

prisoned by mediocrity

never dare to create an escape plan 

will forever lay in it’s prisons

as long as it’s enough for the basics 

and new kicks

everywhere I look

I don’t see you where are you coloured kind

here’s to the few 

the few coloureds 

who’s living lavish

the coloured kind who made it 

here’s to you 

I low-key feel for you 

you blind 

you finna die

die from selfishness 

can’t you see 

your people are disappearing 



drowning in destitution

you forgot about your people 

you have the money 

why don’t you give us a platform 

give us a chance to flourish

we need your funding

but you busy living lovely 

lost in the luxury

most importantly you forgot that 

you’re a coloured kind 

what kind 


ke e: yarra ke

unity in diversity 

funny cause somehow

I feel like they have excluded us


how can you exclude 

the ones with the diverse ancestral links

something just don’t link 

but it’s whatever 

I believe that one day 

everything will link

but for now let me work 

I’ll forever work

work until my family change their ways 

coloured people become something

I will forever work 

work until everything links 

I know I am just a coloured kind

but I also know that I will make it work 

everything won’t change overnight

everything takes time anyway

I will succeed 

so Dala what I must always 

to achieve