Perfect Morning

In a sober moment you once said

Something like you loved me so much

Even if you met me

As the strange child of another

You’d have loved me

Without knowing why

The words struck me recently

An old child of many strange addictions

As I lay in the bed of my wayward life

Where the peeling pressed ceiling’s

Filigree told me something

Of the girl you are

The mother you never really were

In a brief moment of my own sobriety

I felt the warm blood of my sorrow

Letting into the ordinary embossing above my head

The curves, flowers and little gables

Said something something like a smile

Said that you were thinking of me

From the pillows of your wayward life

And smiling

As the gentle children

Of our bewildered natures

Greeted each other

For one perfect morning

by Myles Heneke